NGF Nick Garrett furniture design

With over 20 years experience in production of quality furniture and accessories to major US, EU and UK retail/importers, NGSD offer you a complete product development service.dining chair move-on 002.jpg

I design great categories of furniture and accessories that can grow your business overnight


Iconic ethnic styles designed for ease of production, development and home coordination.

NGS has furniture and accessories on the design slab permanently. Designs that can be refined into either more sophisticated versions or honed back into that super sexy simplified minimalist urban feel.


old penny tarnish

Above:  One of our most successful NGSD mirrors. This one went out to Jatex International USA.


NGS intuitive design trends for you to develop in entirely unique ways

Exquisitely English and World Collectibles are versions of what I can pen up and roll through from concept sampling to final production.

Below shows a Trend spread that went on to inspire the likes of Next plc.

Icons are what we create


Below: our lean beautifully refined Chic Zen ‘Lela’ storage units.

Caba 2

Designers Guild: 20 years of working with the best 

: Little funky DG cabinet

Above: painted furniture for Designers Guild UK c1989 In Town.


Working with Tricia Guild early in my career was a real honour and taught me so much about colour. Colour today is one of my keystone design characteristics: Great shape and great colour.

Never scared to go fwd of even leading trend (and why not!?) NGPD has always taken rich, original beauty and marked out rapidly expandable niche products.

Our work filled the volumes of Designer’s Guild colour bibles ‘Painted Country’ and ‘In Town’.

Yep we birthed the very first Shabby Chic collection in 86! The DG years.

Hard to believe the first shabby chic UK product came into the Designers Guild Kings Road retail store as far back as 1988. Fresh out of my Brixton studio the pieces set alight a whole new era of painted furniture.

The rest is history… in the making.


Designing you clear market advantage

For us today the idea of finding market advantage is where good stuff really starts. It’s tells our clients we work on another level.

Our English charm styling; a distinct advantage from the mood board to the seller’s floor. Never simply a matter of moving on, our NPD takes on the ambition of designing icons… the stuff great memes are made of.

For Laura Ashley I thumbed through their in-house archives and resurrected some simple textile accents that had that timeless, quaint voice.


Plainly English? Still a sought after product

landing something stunning, lasting and irresistibly functional is what great design is all about.


Above:  Various successful retail pieces out of 8-10 piece ranges for CAC HK 1996-2005 – selling well in USA, AU and UK.


Another legendary client Nina Campbell encouraged me to explore all things English with and accent on quality. The tonal control she required, needed to create quite Manor House beauty serves me well to this day.

Tonal whites  | Bones White | Taup and fresco greys


Tribal essence? We are all about versatile NPD… talk to me today





NGF Nick Garrett furniture design



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