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dining chair move-on 002.jpg

Above. Work in progress 2018



Furniture and accessories on the design slab.

Kit Cho Moyo Wardrobe 002.jpg


old penny tarnish

Above:  Best selling mirror for Jatex International USA.


Pure design for the warm historic interior

Exquisitely English and Inspiringly World

Icons are what we create

Above:  Mood board development

: Little funky DG cabinet

Above: painted furniture for Designers Guild UK.

For us finding market advantage is where good design starts. Our English charm styling; a distinct advantage from the mood board to the seller’s floor. Never simply a matter of moving on, our NPD takes on the ambition of designing icons… the stuff great memes are made of. Brand Concept via Product Design A successful concept requires clarity and close management along the product roll through.


… designing to retail requires clear direction and brand detailing in order to maximise appeal, double check competition and widen margin… landing something stunning, lasting and irresistibly functional is what we are about.


Above:  Various successful retail pieces out of 8-10 piece ranges for CAC HK 1996-2005 – selling well in USA, AU and UK.

Above:  Bedside tables and console that turned into a complete range for China Accent HK For more information about our design and production service I am more than happy to discuss and convene…

: For more information about NGD design and production service:

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