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IKEA Italia Retail

Store Organization

1 Introduction

The Ikea multistory car park at Ikea, Birstall...

1.1 Goals of the Store Organization plan

1. To guarantee high and uniform quality standards in human resource management, in order to support IKEA Italia Retail future business and developmental challenges.

3. To identify a management organization structure, common to all stores, that reports directly to store management, in order to guarantee consistent human resource management processes, while at the same time preserving each store’s freedom to seize commercial and/or cost/sales ratio opportunities, by adjusting the organizational structure from second to lower levels reporting to store management to local requirements.

1.2 The process

…. function-specific workshops, the new working practices which have emerged in each area, in order to streamline and improve existing procedures and meet new challenges derived from increasing store empowerment and local leadership expectations.
The outcome is the result of a joint effort of many of our local DHs and…

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