THE MOST Challenging Design Brief of my career – JATEX INTERNATIONAL

Jatex design case.

Desight for kudobadass typography, Product/Brand design, painted signs NGS London


THE MOST Challenging Design Brief of my career –  JATEX INTERNATIONAL 
Taking a thin trading frame and building a healthy design leader.
It was fascinating, exhausting, tough and brilliantly satisfying.
I took a new riser into the vendor sector with only my track record as leverage and pushed them through sheer career adrenaline and ambition at times, to supply great product at exactly the right price-point.
Nick Garrett
Jatex International USA
2005 - Nov 2006: Jatex International, USA Design: Furniture and Accessories Appointed with the brief to bring immediate fresh  change to unusual blend of product ranges  which became one of my biggest career challenges.  Jatex wanted a spicy twist of Turkish  wovens, copper features, warm tones and Italian flair.  This posed problems of material  handling: I created 3 stories which were made in  2 forms: 1. Copper: XXL Minimalist bowls and platter sets 2. Soft…

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