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NGF Nick Garrett furniture design

home +furniture creator Nick Garrett can design products to expand your platform

If you are chasing new product development or pure design then you are in the perfect studio to start creating it.


This Sentito chair above is part of my Italian minimalist range that displays a strong sense of creature comfort along with pure sleek styling.


Staring out in 1986 working for the very best

In 1986 I was the first artist to pioneer what became known as shabby chic distressed finishes. These first appeared as retail collections and photoshoot beauty pieces for the famous design book  ‘Painted Country‘ and ‘In Town‘ publications for Tricia Guild of Designers Guild.  

This was my first major design moment creating something entirely unchartered to client and custom base brand experience.  I took my pure abstract, artistic skills and applied them in the commercial home design arena and never looked back. 


Production supervision service and Quality Control 

Above:  NGPD product going to Impressionen of Germany.

Throughout my career I have worked hard at detailing, from the taking of the design brief, to assembly and launch or installation.

Though innovative thinking and hands-on experience I have helped the charting in many cases, of extraordinary success for my clients.

Success for me is always based on quality. My production knowledge steers smart designs that avoid production snags and lands solutions whenever required.


Working in Foshan southern China – distressing pottery surface with the makers.

CNC and 3D printing – DXF file production

We produce DXG file mainframe CNC files to help you deliver products perfectly every time.

Offset Front back drawing 002


NGSD Bespoke Trend Forecasts that reveal your true areas of market advantage

As part of our service we provide bespoke forecasts based on your most successful and emerging products. These are then tied to ahead of trend concepts and refined into solid state designs and developments.

NGS Trend forecast come in digital, apps and hardback form so that they are always at hand.


NGF Nick Garrett furniture design

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