NGD:  Lateral concept – Linear production

The studio is the hub of the design process.  It sets out the energy and course for successful product development. A design will travel along benchmarks from the outset, firstly establishing itself as a clear trend –  the entirety of the client brand and brief, developing strong concept, execution of clear technical drawings and smooth final production.

It is a place where professional practices guarantee success for the client.

And we guarantee it.

Each product is unique and yet we approach each with the same philosophy: attention to detail, dedication and dependability.


Created from the client brand and brief this is supported with research material and gap architecture models enabling successful placement.


The first sketch will set the tone of the collection.  This is usually a quick accurate hand drawn layout or Photoshop image (above).

Technical and Engineering

AutoCad and 3D rendering complete the design drawings ready for submission to the producer.


The studio supplies comprehensive documentation supporting the critical path.


The QC process is coordinated with our team of OS personnel on site supervising manufacture and installation.


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